Tuesday, April 22, 2014

split 7" w/ Belreve (1994)

split 7" w/ Belreve
(1994, Anyway Records)

Guided by Voices 2nd split 7'' on Anyway Records over the course of a year, this finds the band on the brink of full blown indie world success. It also features the track "Always Crush Me," later released on their classic Alien Lanes LP in 1995. Splitting the wax, we have Belreve, a band in their early infancy who later went on to release an LP on Slumberland Records before disbanding. The printer quality of the cover on straight up pink paper is true DIY. Grab a copy. 

Always Crush Me- 5 One of my favorite, surreal GBV songs in which they distance themselves almost completely from their sound.  Sounds more like something from the King Shit... compilation.  Bizarre aural vocal production over stabbing piano, acoustic guitar, and garage recorded string section.  Bellowing vocals are ominous and catchy. Love it.

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