Tuesday, April 22, 2014

split 7" w/ Jenny Mae Leffel (1993)

split 7" w/ Jenny Mae Leffell 
(1993, Anyway Records)

The first of a bunch of ol' split releases Guided by Voices found themselves participating in during the '90s. The trend would eventually peter off as Pollard became solo ringleader of his (and maybe most) of the indie world. But in the early days, split collectibles like this were common. Here GBV teams up with Columbus Ohio's Jenny Mae Leffell. GBV contributes on track which would later resurface on a popular Matador Records EP. Enjoy.

If We Wait-  5 Sounds a bit like slowed down Badfinger.   Absolutely great song.  Hey kids, want a prom song that doesn't suck? Alright, maybe prom song is a bit much. But Pollard manages to wrangle enough sentiment, raw emoting, and power ballad in this lo-fi cut without sounding sappy or overtly referential. One of the all-time classics.

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