Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Colonel Jeffrey Pumpernickel compilation (2001)

Colonel Jeffrey Pumpernickel compilation
(2001, Off Records)

Here we have arrived at the greatest indie rock compilation to ever hit the face the earth. Well, maybe not. But on paper, this looks goddamn great. Former Sprinkler frontman, (and future GBV/Boston Spaceships/The Takeovers member) Chris Slusarenko leads his indie rock troops through this rock opera compilation. Here we find the talents of Quasi, Mary Timony, Stephen Malkmus, Lou Barlow's Sentridoh, Grandaddy, Weird War, The Black Heart Procession, and of course, Guided by Voices. And also, we get TWO Guided by Voices tracks (sort of). 

The story of this rock opera concept comp. is one muddled mess, and some of the music selections on it aren't much better. If there's a narrative in here, you'll need a protractor and a pair of needle nose tweezers to find it. At any rate, this bizarre compilation is available on CD and in a 2LP set. 

Titus and Strident Wet Nurse (Creating Jeffrey)- The first of 2 GBV tracks on this comp. this tune kicks off the Slusarenko rock opera. The track opens with a pulsating, rhythmic synthy whine that plays throughout the whole damn track. Both catchy and incredibly irritating at the same time. The song itself is a fairly solid, upbeat, sure-footed arena rocker. 

Reprise (Destroying Jeffrey)- 3 Like "Titus and Strident...," this one closes up this messy rock opera. And just like that song, it's the same. No, like it's the second part of the song. Basically, the track was split in two, a fade-in was added to the beginning of this, and it's got a different title. Such is the way of the rock opera. Minus one point for being the same damn song as "Titus..."


  1. i've considered buying this several times before, never did, cos it only has 2 Guided by Voices songs, and I don't think they're that great. Today I found it on vinyl for $1, so I finally bought it. Listening to it now. if you find this for $1, snap it up. it's definitely worth at least that much. "catchy and incredibly irritating at the same time" pretty much nails it.

    1. HAHA! Also, "If you find this for $1, snap it up!" is a great sticker tag for this record!

  2. I like the Minus 5, so that was another reason to buy it. And that song is okay, but not really a must-have either. given the talent involved, this should have been much better.