Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Zoom 7'' (2005)

Zoom 7''
(2005, Fading Captain Series)

Originally labeled as a soundtrack EP, this 4 song 7''/cd offers little evidence of being linked to any said soundtrack.  Regardless, this quick jaunt in sporadic pop is a rather inspiring and an impressive dip into Pollard's endless grab-bag of hooks, and scrappy instrumentation. Worth seeking out and giving a listen, Zoom is a solid visit into why you listen to Pollard in the first place. 

Dr. Fuji and Mr. Charelston (Zoom Variation)- 3 Instrumental version of the title track.  Whimsical, light cut that’s toe-tapping and catchy. Opening the 7’’ with the sub-par version of this tune is kind of a cop out though. Oh hell, now I'm just whining.

Have a Day Mr. Clay- 4 Sounds like a punk song slowed down and acoustically pounded into this great song. Heavy percussion shakes throughout. Can’t get enough.

Catherine From Mid-October- 5 Original version of the same song that appears on Boston Spaceships The Planets are Blasted.Acoustic song reminiscent of mid-era GBV.  Great uplifting vocal hooks. Short and sweet.

Zoom (It Happens All Over the World)- 5 Full version of original instrumental opening track. A rare, “light swinger” from Pollard. Some of the most “normal” lyrics from him in a while.  Nothing earth-shattering, but a divergence from form, and it's welcomed.


  1. Love this e.p. One of many that should give RP the title of "King of E.P.'s."

    1. Damn straight! For such a throwaway EP that gets lost in the shuffle, it's straight packed with effortless hooks in a minimalist setting.