Friday, April 12, 2013

The Official Ironmen Rally Song 7'' (1996)

The Official Ironmen Rally Song 7''
(1996, Matador Records)

The one and only single released for GBV's Under the Bushes Under the StarsReleased on both 7'' and CD with the same number of tracks. 

The Official Ironmen Rally Song-   Same recording as Under the Bushes Under the Stars. Read the review there.

Deaf Ears- 3 A distorted and repetitive jangle breaks into full band recording. Decent song. Sounds like an unfinished idea, and it was revealed as such on the Suitcase box-set years later.

Why Did You Land?- 3   Full band version of the song that’s also on Suitcase. Steady, damn good jam with little frills. Steady dynamics that prove mildly hooky.

June Salutes You!-  4 Arena rock with anthemic bellowing carries this mid-tempo track. Big, classic mid-90s GBV track.

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