Friday, April 12, 2013

Bulldog Skin single (1997)

Bulldog Skin single
(1997, Matador Records)

The first single off GBV's 1997 Mag Earwhig! LP released on Matador Records. The 7'' contains three tracks, with the CD single version featuring one additional song ("Mannequin's Complaint...").

Bulldog Skin- Single of song off Mag Earwhig!. Check there for review.

The Singing Razorblade- 3 Mid-tempo buzzing rock song with psych-vocal effects that produced strange and off-kilter melodies. Hypnotic pop that doesn't add up to much.

Now to Was [Electric version]- 4 Why they chose to put the acoustic version on Mag Earwhig! instead of this far superior electric version is beyond me.  Poppy alt-rock, that’s super accessible, and in turn, much hookier than the LP version.

CD only track:
Mannequin’s Complaint (Wax Dummy Meltdown)- 4 Whimsical, waltz bopping and complete with piano interludes and modulated, wavering Pollard vocals equate to one hell of a song.

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