Friday, March 27, 2020

Man Called Blunder 7" (2020)

Man Called Blunder 7"
(2020, Guided by Voices Inc.)

One of two 7" singles released in support of Surrender Your Poppy Field. Limited to 1000 copies, the A-side contains the single, while the flip side contains the 7" exclusive cut. Here, GBV give their updated rendering of 1986's "She Wants To Know."

Man Called Blunder- Same track appears on the full-length LP Surrender Your Poppy Field. Check out the review over there.

She Wants To Know [New Version]- For whatever reason, Bob and the boys decided to dust-off this self proclaimed "classic" all the way back from 1986's Forever Since Breakfast EP, the first GBV release in the catalog. Unfortunatly, it's the weakest track on that original LP. Here, 34 years later, it's slightly better! Perhaps it's the production or the addition of Gillard's refined leads. This once ho-hum, overlong tune feels less cumbersome ho-hum song. Worth a passing glance. 

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