Thursday, October 24, 2019

Heavy Like the World 7'' (2019)

Heavy Like The World 7''
(2019, Guided by Voices Inc.)

Released approximately 2 months before GBV's 3rd LP of 2019 Sweating the Plague, this lone single from the LP comes in limited form with exclusive B-side. Unlike some other singles of the reunion era that feature other GBV member's song, the B-side is a Pollard penned exclusive. 

Limited to 1000 and released on black vinyl. 

Heavy Like The World- Same track as on Sweating the Plague. Read review in link. 

Silent Army- 5 Pollard has a way of hiding some of the best GBV tracks as B-sides of exclusive singles. Often, Pollard's turned to Gillard, Shue, and Bare Jr to contribute, including putting some excellent Sprout songs on B-sides in the past. This go-round, Pollard buried one of his own pure gems in one of the hardest to find spots. How this was left off the LP, I'll have no idea. I guess it's just another small piece of building the legacy. "Silent Army" is 2 minutes of late '60 harmonizing over nostalgic, slightly melancholy guitar pop. Pollard sounds exceptional all around. When it's all over, it's nearly impossible not to move the needle back to the beginning.