Thursday, April 5, 2018

That's Good 7'' (2018)

That's Good 7''
(2018, Guided by Voices Inc.)

The third, and final, single released prior to the Space Gun LP early in 2018. Limited to 500 copies worldwide, the single sold out in just a couple hours from the Rockathon website, making it an instant artifact. Backed with 2 exclusive B-sides from people not named Pollard, the 7''s is packed. Released on "beer" yellow vinyl. Happy hunting.

That's Good-  Same song that appears on the Space Gun LP. Check the review there!

Red Nose Speedway- Steadfast Doug Gillard tune starts propulsive and grows from there. Steady guitar grind makes this almost hypnotic as the drum machine provides an unbreakable skeleton. Insanely simple, insanely hooky. Great guitar drop-ins from Gillard throughout. Wrought with ambient electronics during the eerie post-punk drop out. Classic Gillard track worth tracking down! 

The Dead To Mees- Second guitar slinger, Bobby Bare Jr. get his turn in the ring. At just over a minute, this acoustic mid-tempo tune upwardly trudges along. Bobby Bare's classic shredded vocals warble through. Both managing to be uplifting and haunting. Over before it starts, ending on empowering "ooohsss and ahhhhsss." Turn the needle back and rejoice. 

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