Thursday, April 5, 2018

Space Gun 7'' (2017)

Space Gun 7"
(2017, Guided by Voices Inc.)

The first unveiling of GBV's 2018 Space Gun came not the scene wit the single of same name. Released in December 2017, and limited to 500 copies, the 7'' sold out in mere hours from the Rockathon Records webstore. The A-sides contains the lead single, while side-B features an exclusive track. One of several 7'' singles from Space Gun, this one comes on beer yellow wax.

Space Gun- Same track that appears on Space Gun. Review coming soon. 

Kingdom of the Cars- 3 A rare gem here... Bob Pollard penned, but Doug Gillard perfomed and recorded B-side exclusive! Clunky lone guitar hold this one together through post-punk drum banging before the song evens out into a breezier, full on chorus of sorts. An awkward, oddly constructed song that lacks a great hook. However, the left-of-center composition is of great note here, and rewards those repeated revisits. 

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