Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Just To Show You 7" (2017)

Just To Show You 7"
(2017, Guided by Voices Inc.)

The lone single released for How Do You Spell Heaven LP. The Pollard-penned "Just To Show You" opens side A, while the exclusive cut, "Knife City" sits in obscurity on Side B. A Gillard/Shue composition, this makes the single worth tracking down. Limited to 500 copies on clear green vinyl. 

Just To Show You- The same version that appears on the LP How Do You Spell Heaven. Read the review over there! 

Knife City- 4 In classic fashion, the b-side is reserved to the bullpen players. A Doug Gillard/Mark Shue penned tune helps add another to the cannon of songs, but a solid one at that. A prickly, potent guitar jangle holds this upwardly poppy tune together. A worthy nod to Tobin Sprout harmonies in the verses. Shit, even the bridge is pretty damn solid. If this were on August By Cake, all GBV nuts would have their favorite 33rd song of the LP to rave about. Bubble-gummy and melancholy.

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