Monday, May 26, 2014

Volume Fourteen- Reading '95 comp. (1995)

Volume Fourteen- Reading '95 comp.
(1995, Volume Records)

A two CD set, this compilation released by Volume Records features one Guided by Voices track. It's one that's an identical track included on the Tonics and Twisted Chasers LP, but under a different name.  Guided by Voices' inclusion on the comp. stems from their appearance at the UK's Reading Festival in the summer of 1995.

Snuff Movie (She's Gone)- Here we have a conundrum in song naming. This track is officially listed on the Pollard song registry as its own song. However, it was rereleased (same recording and all) on 1996's Tonics and Twisted Chasers LP under the title "Reptilian Beauty Secrets." Either way, it is the same song, different title. Period. It was included here solely for technicality reasons, and to nitpick at bullshit. At any rate, the song's pretty cool no matter what you call it, or how you choose to hear it. Live on, live long. 

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