Sunday, May 25, 2014

Out of Cowtown Vol. 3 (1993)

Out Of Cowtown Vol. 3
(1993, Anyway Records)

This 4 way split 7'' marked the first various artist "compilation" if you can really call it that. The record features four songs, one by GBV, the others by Ass Ponys, Appalachian Death Ride, and Scat Records' Robert Griffin. The track GBV track "Stabbing a Star was later re-released on 1995's Sunfish Holy Breakfast EP.

Stabbing a Star- 3  Ultra lo-fi barrage of clanging drums, and choppy garage riffs. Pretty lo-fi, which brings some of the charm. Cool repetative guitar riff holds with one together. Nothing super memorable but a solid early GBV track as they were taking off on their prolific writing pace.

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