Thursday, June 20, 2013

Nightwalker/Freedom Cruise 7'' (1994)

Nightwalker/Freedom Cruise 7''
(1994, Simple Solution)

One of the few split release between Pollard's other side project, this slab of wax saw the light of day just 4 months prior to the release of Bee Thousand.  This split between Freedom Cruise and Nightwalker, is a bizarre pairing of basement recordings with different Pollard and the gang monikers.  The original pressing was limited to 1000, with a repress of another 1000 following soon after.

The following is a review of the Nightwalker side.  The Freedom Cruise side can be read here.

Side A:
Freedom Cruise- "Cruise" Read review here.

Side B:
Lucifer's Arching Revolver-4 Fragmented noise opus!  Singular guitar distortions ring out, hum away, as the volume knob is fiddled with. Then, it sounds as if the Hell's Angels house band (not the Greatful Dead by the way), kicks in with shambolic, road side, lo-fi metal. Fidelity's fluctuate. The Nightwalker mystery grows!  Wobbly noise outro into acoustic nonsense. Cut short...  

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