Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lightninghead to Coffee Pot (2005)

Lightninghead to Coffee Pot
(2005, Fading Captain Series)

For this lone side-project release, Pollard teamed up with Greg Demos (GBV), Jim MacPherson (GBV, The Breeders), and Tony Conley (ex-Anacrusis, Pollard's first band in the late '70s).  Described as a full-on post-punk outfit, The EP remains the only release under The Moping Swans moniker to date. A short, and a rather inconstant outing to say the least.  Produced by long-time collaborator Todd Tobias (Circus Devils).

Beaten By the TargetThe single unveiled publicly before the release of the EP, and labeled as post-punk, still kind of sounds like a Who Sell-Out thing to me. Can picture a few guitar arm spins. Easy catchy hook on this, and a promising start. 

Shame Me No FurtherJittery verses, with awkward crawling choruses with seemingly randomly placed accents. Forgettable, to say the least. And I will say the least. 

The Moping Swans-  Annoyingly catchy ping-pong guitar riff. Irritating circus wrangler Pollard vocals regaling listeners with spoken word parts in exaggerated accents. No wonder these swans are always moping. hardy har har.

Look at Your LifeSpacey, sprawling number full of moody synths, melodic bellowing, and more flapjacking around. Not terrible, but not very memorable either. Background music for a bad day.

Keep the Gutters FreshAnnoyingly simple hammer-on guitar riff played over and over. Quite bland and mildly irritating background music.

Lightening Head to CoffeepotOver 8 minutes long!  First warning, right there.  Bad, drum sample sound effects popping up. Uggh. Irritating as shit.  Proceed with caution.


  1. Harsh, man.

    I judge this to be one of the better one off solo side-projects. Most of the rocking moments beat the majority of similiar cuts on his solo albums.

  2. listening to this right now. not that great. label says 45 rpm, but it's actually 33 1/3.

    1. yeah, not one I revisit often... Hell, maybe I'll put it on tomorrow now!