Thursday, June 20, 2013

Check Your Zoo 7'' (2006)

Check Your Zoo 7''
(2006, Fading Captain Series)

Like the previous Psycho and the Birds LP, All That Is Holythis EP is comprised of more Pollard boom box recordings that were shipped over to engineer Todd Tobias.  Tobias then fleshed these poorly recorded songs out with studio instrumentation.   Unfortunately, the 7'' fails to break any new ground from the previous LP. Limited to 1,000 red 7''s.

Glorified Ushers3 Babbling lyrics buried underneath what might actually be Psycho and the Birds catchiest song. This is saying a lot. 

You’re So New Wave1  1 minute and 18 seconds and it’s almost too long. More slurred vocals that sounds like a groaning grandpa with obligatory synth fluttering and bashing drums.

His Master’s Reaction-  1   Drab and dismal, overall abysmal. Slow and boring, don’t think they’ll be touring. Random percussion hits, and strums over vocals that sound like Pollard’s liver’s been acting up again.

Organic Comes On Quite normal, and almost a complete song! But it is painfully normal. A throw-away track from a solo Pollard record, but you know, unintelligible.

Nothing the Best-  Certainly more nothing than the best. But on a Psycho and the Birds, “the best” is up for debate. Comparable to a bunch of toddlers jamming on instruments left out in the living room.

Do Not Devastate-  Clattering acid rock with mumbled lyrics. Wank wank. Woof!

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  1. played this yesterday morning. yep, he was pushing it on this. guess i should listen to "glorified ushers" again...someday....