Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Total Exposure 7'' (2001)

Total Exposure 7''
(Fading Captain Series, 2001)

The first of two singles released off the Tower in the Fountain of Sparks LP. Limited to 1,000 copies, the 7'' contains two exclusive b-sides listed below. The 7" was rereleased  in a CD collection, Selective Services, later in 2001.

Side A:
Total Exposure- Same version as one on the Tower in the Fountain of Sparks LP.  Read review here.

Side B:
Cold War Water Sports- 3  What a great title.  Song is a bit too long for it’s own good. Repetitive line repeated off a moderately priced Casio keyboard. “Cold War Water Spots,” vocal part is the shining moment of this otherwise yawner.

The Wheel Hits the Path (Quite Soon)-  4 Catchy in a ‘80s college rock way. Great lead guitar line.   Pollard slightly lackluster vocal wise on this satisfying short tune.


  1. i do not own this one. got curious and listening to CWWS right now on youtube. yeah. weird. not very good. not up to Airport 5 standards, I like the LP's.

  2. "wheel hits path" is much better. might have to start looking for the vinyl on this...

    "i'm going on a search/for mystical merchandise"