Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Selective Services [bonus track]

Selective Services [bonus track]
(Fading Captain Series, 2001)

Conveniently packaged in a single, easy to loose between your car seat sleeve, a bundle of some pretty run of the mill, out of print 7''s were released for the digital man. A Fading Captain Series collection, the CD reissue features Airport 5's Total Exposure and Stifled Man Casino 7''s along with GBV's Dayton, Ohio-19 Something and 5 7''. In true Pollard fashion, an unreleased Airport 5 track was tacked on at the end because you can never have to many Pollard songs in your house. Below is that song.

In the Brain- 2 Acoustic, easy listening tune but with warbled vocals that sound like it was kind of improvised on the spot with a half finished lyric sheet.  Decent melodies could have been placed over this, but it sounds like my needle's skipping over warped grooves. BUT, it's only available on CD!

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