Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Crickets: Best Of The Fading Captain Series 1999-2007

Crickets: Best Of The Fading Captain Series 1999-20007
(2007, Fading Captain Series)

Crickets was a compilation of Pollard related bands released as the final offering from Pollard's own Fading Captain Series label. It was the 44th release on the label, spanning 8 years. The double disc collection was available on CD only, containing 56 tracks (7 of those were previously unreleased, and exclusive to the Crickets collection).  

The following track is one of the few official Freedom Cruise releases.  The other's being the split 7'' w/ Nightwalker and the inclusion of the official version of "Sensational Gravity Boy" on the Red Hot and Bothered... compilation. 

Sensational Gravity Boy [Refraze version]-  5 Slightly faster, muted vocals, sharper snare snaps, no organ, no Deal sisters.  Basically, a mid-fi demo that could have fit perfectly on UTBUTS.  Still, beyond amazing. If you like your“versions” on the raw side, this one's for you.

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