Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Silk Rotor 7'' (2010)

Silk Rotor 7''
(2010, Happy Jack Rock Records)

Released 3 weeks prior to Robert Pollard's LP We All Got Out of the Army, in 2010, this 7'' contains the single for "Silk Rotor" on the A-side, and two pretty notable, yet starkly different b-side compositions.  Orange vinyl to boot! 

Silk Rotor-  Same version on We All Got Out of the Army.  Click there for review.

Fear Of Heat- 4 Snails crawl, dirge rocker with slow volume swells. Post-punk. Industrial, even? Pretty goddamn cool. A Pollard solo mood piece that works, thanks in part to smart production by Todd Tobias.

Rare Hazel Japan- 5 In complete contrast to "Fear Of Heat," this b-side track is bouncy, melodic, if not somewhat whimsical! What the hell?  And it's catchy as a barbed hook, in what feels like an effortless attempt. Sounds Elephant 6 inspired. Whoa!


  1. Have you happened to observe that Rare Hazel Japan and Liquid Observer by Circus Devils are pretty well the same song? :)

    1. It's like unlocking an easter egg. I love both versions. That's also what I dig about the verse that Gasoline Drinkers shares with Imperial Racehorsing.