Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ptolemic Terrascope Magazine #24 7'' (1997)

Ptolemic Terrascope Magazine #24


Talk about a frustrating place to locate an exclusive GBV track.  "Scorpion Lounge Shutdown" was released as a part of Ptolemice Terrascope Magazine in 1997, one of four tracks etched into a flex-disc.   Unfortunately, the track isn't worth tracking down for quality alone, but certain collectors be damned.   Unclear on the number pressed.  Happy hunting.

Scorpion Lounge Shutdown- 1  Sounds like something lifted from the Suitcase to live on in ever-ready obscurity for all centuries. This song is a total throw-away, psych, half-sound collage. Arpeggios sweep in and out of the mix along with other various tape noises and Pollard strums an acoustic guitar and sings uninteresting stuff. Not worth it.

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