Wednesday, April 17, 2013

split 7'' w/ New Radiant Storm King (1995)

split 7'' w/ New Radiant Storm King
(1995, Chunk Records)

GBV take the A-side of this split 7'' with Massachusetts indie rock band, New Radian Storm King. GBV covers NRSK's "The Opposing Engineers (Sleep Alone), while NRSK cover "I Am a Scientist" on the b-side of the 7''

Side A:

The Opposing Engineers (Sleep Alone)­ -  3 Cover track alert! One that remains fairly true to form too. Airy verses, and big choruses that aren’t very interesting. Cool bass and guitar interweaving on the track. Slow, slacker-tinged outro with soaring Pollard vocals is the coolest part of the song. Not particularly worth tracking down though.

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