Friday, April 12, 2013

Plugs For the Program EP (1999)

Plugs For the Program EP
(1999, TVT Records)

This EP followed the release of the GBV LP Do The Collapse. The EP was initially a CD only release, sold only through Boston area record stores Newbury Comics. It later became available through TVT Records website, which was GBV's record label at the time. In this 9 minute package, you are provided with a remix, a demo, and an unreleased track. All are exclusive to this EP.

Surgical Focus [Remix]- 5 Remixes are t,oo often, dumb excuses to rerelease songs on reissues or cheap singles. This is a good example of just that, although it sounds slightly different. Vocals have less reverb, while the snare drum has more. But really, who gives a shit? At the end of the day, it’s the same excellent song off Do the Collapse.

Sucker of Pistol City- 2 Dragged out, noisy ballad that nearly falls apart at the end.  It's a song best kept off the LPs and buried here in this EP. Good move. Not essential and certainly forgettable.

Picture Me Big Time [demo]-  4 This baby is also on Do the Collapse. So how about a mid-fi version pre-Ric Ocasek big time production? Why not.  Song is still pretty great. But I think I prefer the production of the “real” version. Holy hell. I must be getting old.  


  1. what's wrong with you? "sucker of pistol city" is one of bob's best songs.

  2. Listen again to Sucker, Eric - it's a real grower!

  3. Yeah youre fucking crazy not seeing the majesty of Sucker. Better than every single ballad on DTC by a mile

    1. Oh I AM crazy.... “Sucker” is one that I’ve grown to love, and I’d bump to a 4 but not going to re-edit this mess! That would drove me batshit.