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Crickets: Best of The Fading Captain Series 1999-2007 (unrleased Pollard solo tracks) (2007)

Crickets: Best of The Fading Captain Series 1999-2007 (unreleased Pollard solo tracks) 
(2007, Fading Captain Series)

Crickets was a compilation of Pollard related bands released as the final offering from Pollard's own Fading Captain Series label. It was the 44th release on the label, spanning 8 years. The double disc collection was available on CD only, containing 56 tracks (7 of those were previously unreleased, and exclusive to the Crickets collection).  

The following are the Robert Pollard solo unreleased track. In the spirit of the Suitcase box-sets, most of these tracks were credited to other artists (Ellsworth Pollard, Alien Mofo, and Psycho).

I’m Gonna Miss My Horse- 3 Labeled as being by Ellsworth Pollard! (Ellsworth is actuallyPollard's middle name). Bright, electric, poppy song that actually delivers quite nicely for a bonus track tack on in a comp. album

Butcherman- 1 Labeled as being written by Psycho.  This is the demo of what would wind up on Standard Gargoyle Decisions LP. Two words: fucking silly.

Lugnut Blues- 1  Credited to the Alien Mofo on the comp, this is a total waste of depression blues. Possibly the most Jandekian of Pollard’s basement tapes. Total junk.

You’ve Taken Me In- 2 Bonus track with Todd Tobias instrumentation, supposedly taken from the aborted Silverfish Trivia EP sessions. Baroque, easy listening. Spiraling, acoustic swells, with light instrumentation behind it. Soothin? Yes. Memorable? Not really.  

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