Monday, January 25, 2016

Indie For the Holidays (2015)

Indie For the Holidays
(2015, Amazon Prime)

To honor all sniffling indie kids, or adult-children who still celebrate the holidays, retail giants Amazon compiled an Indie rock compilation dedicated to the holidays. It's a 27 song, downloadable playlist of holiday tunes by the likes of Reverend Horton Heat, Lisa Loeb, Fruit Bats, Esmé Patterns, Rougue Wave, among many others. Pollard adds his EXCLUSIVE two cents to the holiday mix. Head over the rock mecca known as to purchase your copy of Pollard's song for a whole 99 cents!

What Begins on New Year's Day- A brief 2 minute acoustic number filled with lush guitar strums and distant drum stomps. This one builds up to synth orchestral swells as Pollard weaves a poetic obtuse tale of sorts. A bit of nostalgia pop, a bit prog stomping, all very reserved with a soaring vocal mix. Has more in common with a Circus Devils track than GBV territory, but all rather beautiful. The same version of this song was later rereleased on the GBV LP August By Cake in 2017. 

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