Friday, October 23, 2015

Poor Substitute 7'' (2015)

Poor Substitute 7''
(2015, Guided by Voices Inc.)

As with each set of singles from the previous Wicked Ricky albums, Poor Substitute and A Number I Can Trust 7''s follow the same format. The A side is featured on the record, while the B side is an exclusive cut, written and recorded by Ricked Wicky's Nick Mitchell. Each 7'' was pressed on black vinyl and limited to 500 copies worldwide.

Side A:
Poor Substitute- Same version featured on the LP Swimmer to a Liquid Armchair. You can read the review there.

Side B:
What's For Dinner Uncle Aunty- Nick Mitchell channeling some McCartney/Nilsson. A professional faux accent put on throughout. Choruses are ripping, complete with obtrusive solos, cowbell belting throughout, along flooring harmonies. Another great Mitchell song left off the Ricked Wicky LPs? What is going on? Incredibly infectious.  

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