Thursday, January 16, 2014

Vote For Me Dummy 7'' (2014)

Vote For Me Dummy 7''
(2014, Guided by Voices Inc.)

Following in the tradition of the GBV reunion LPs, the band issued a hefty slab of 7'' singles for the release of 2014's Motivational Jumpsuit.  The band issued 5 7'' singles, 3 of which contained exclusive B sides. The two other releases were double A-sides (and are not reviewed here, but can be read about here and here). All 7"s were released on black wax and limited to 1000 copies. 

Vote For Me Dummy- Same track that appears on Motivational Jumpsuit. Read the review over there. 

Doctor Driver Demon- Turn off the lights. Shake a shitty percussive piece. Play a single chord piano hits off-beat. Such is the way Tobin Sprout recorded this song, and it's not much more impressive than the recording process. 

Cheese and Blankets- The only thing worse than the title is the fact that it sounds like Sprout is singing "Cheese and MAGGOTS" instead of "blankets." A rare back to back strikeout for Sprout on these two tracks. 

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