Thursday, January 16, 2014

Save the Company 7" (2014)

Save the Company 7''
(2014, Guided by Voices Inc.)

Following in the tradition of the GBV reunion LPs, the band issued a hefty slab of 7'' singles for the release of 2014's Motivational Jumpsuit.  The band issued 5 7'' singles, 3 of which contained exclusive B sides. The two other releases were double A-sides (and are not reviewed here, but can be read about here and here). All 7"s were released on black wax and limited to 1000 copies. 

Save the Company- Same track that appears on Motivational Jumpsuit. Read review there.

Second Chance- Another Tobin Sprout B side exclusive from the Motivational Jumpsuit 7'' series. This one's a psych pastiche, droning nightmare. It's complete with squealing horn noises on this strung out tune. To be fair, this is a real goober by Sprout. However, the lo-fi swirl is effectively hypnotic. 

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