Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Who Covered comp. (2008)

The Who Covered comp.
(2008, Volume Records)

2008 release, during Guided By Voices breakup period, featuring a live version of Guided By Voices covering The Who's "Happy Jack."  Another version appears on the unofficial live Guided By Voices double LP + 7'' King's Ransom: Happy Motherfuckers And Sad Clowns recorded live in 2000 in Asheville, NC. Okay, on with the show...

Oh! This France only (as in only available in France)comp. features tracks by Of Montreal, Sugar, Swervedriver, The Flaming Lips, and Tommy Keene. 

Happy Jack [Live]- 5  Brilliantly bombastic, tight as wire cover of The Who classic. Short and sweet. Again, like their cover of "Baba O'Riley," Doug Gillard-era GBV helps pull this off without a hitch. 

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