Friday, April 12, 2013

Trash Can Full of Nails 7'' (2013)

Trash Can Full of Nails 7''
(2013, Guided by Voices Inc.)

The 3rd, of  five singles, released every two weeks in early 2013, leading up to the release of the 4th GBV reunion LP English Little LeagueContains one exclusive b-side. 

Trash Can Full of Nails- reviewed in the English Little League LP.

Build a Bigger Iceberg- 4  Tobin Sprout stopping in on the b-side again just to say hello. And again, like most Sprout b-sides in the reunion, this is a welcome, and unfortunately hidden pop gem. Steady, folky-pop with psych drop-ins. Hangover music bliss.  Viva la Sprout!

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