Wednesday, April 17, 2013

split 7'' w/ Grifters (1994)

split 7'' w/ Grifters
(1994, Now Sound Records)

Split 7'' with Memphis, TN indie band, Grifters. GBV takes the four song A-side of this split, in the midst of their rising buzz as "the band who shits out songs." This release also contains a Jim Pollard instrumental (ugggghhhhh boy)!  The 7'' was later repressed by same label in 2000 with different artwork.

Hey Mr. Soundman- 3 Warped, pulsating guitar ensues courtesy of Sprout, as Pollard flows a simple and harrowing, slightly out of tune melody over it. Half-assed, but pretty and haunting.

Announcers and Umpires­ – 3 Completely slap dashed, with rickety off-beat percussion and cheapo guitar strums. Pollard howls and yelps like a booze hound, but does manage a few awkward hooks to emerge. Benefits repeated listens.

Evil Speaker B- 1 Wanna hear Jim Pollard play the guitar all by himself? Here’s your chance. Icy, instrumental, reminiscent of a brittle Sonic Youth opening.

Uncle Dave- 3 Stomping, marching beat with those staple Uncle Bob kind of vocals. Very bizarre pop that manages to have a semi-hooky chorus following the ominous verse patterns.

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