Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Love Hurts single (1994)

Love Hurts CD single
(1994, Immortal/Epic Soundtrax)

Dayton, OH's own Kim Deal of The Breeders, The Amps, and Pixies joins forces with Bob Pollard to record this cut for the soundtrack to the indie film Love & A .45.  The song was released as a single, as well as a part of the 12 track film soundtrack (featuring songs by Meat Puppets, Flaming Lips, Mazzy Star, The Butthole Surfers, Jesus and Mary Chain, among others).

Love Hurts- 4 Kim Deal and Uncle Bob cover the '70s song by Nazareth. You know, the one your mom cried over after the drive home from that wedding. This version is extremely shoe-gazey, and sounds like the band Bedhead took a stab at it. What could have come off as a tongue-and-cheek rendition, instead plays out as a moving, haunting take on a one-hit-wonder. Extra effective given Deal and Pollard's supposed, unfulfilled romantic tension at the time. '90s indie fact alert!!!!

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