Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Headache Revolution 7'' (2008)

Headache Revolution 7''
(2008, Happy Jack Rock Records)

The single for Boston Spaceships 2nd LP, The Planets Are Blasted, this 7'' was only available through the Rockathon Records webstore, and sold out in a flash. The B-side contains 3 (!) exclusive, unreleased Boston Spaceships tracks, making this 7'' fairly tough to track down. Oh yeah... only 500 were made. Damn!

Headache Revoution-  The same version on The Planets Are Blasted. Read review there. 

Dementia Is Rising- 2 Oh wait. Only 500 copies of this 7'' were made?  Good. Then more people won't have to be subjected to "Dementia Is Rising." This is why they make b-sides. Okay, wait it's not THAT terrible. The production is odd-ball, psych, crunch patchwork over a acoustic, backing track. But Pollard's lifeless, and annoyingly repetitious vocal delivery is a bust.

Take That Off (Put This On)-  Rather sparse, silly track, just under 2 minutes. Sounds like something stuck in the middle of the dense Let It Beard from 3 years later. Simply put, quite annoying, but somewhat catchy tune.

7 Is The Hot Noose- 3 One minute plus track closes out this b-side. Upbeat, quiet, loud, quiet, loud tune. Pollard almost seems as if he's about the fly off the rails vocally, but it's a short, weird enjoyable pop tune. Interesting use of dated, late-80's-kid-themed-TV-show space noise in the middle.


  1. Damn, wish I could find these songs. Only thing I have missing from Boston Spaceships.

    1. Every once in a while it pops up on eBay for a decent price but haven't seen it recently. Keep up the hunt.