Friday, April 12, 2013

Get Out of My Stations EP (1994)

Get Out of My Stations EP
(1994, Siltbreeze Records)

Another jumble package of basement recording throwaways and no-fi nosedives. Pre-press darling GBV dropped another EPs worth of material following their early '90s prolific run. These experiments yielded a few memorable moments, including live favorite "Melted Pat."  Released in '94 on Philadelphia lo-fi punk label Siltbreeze, the 7'' is divided into "This Side" and "That Side."  The label later released the EP on CD in 2003, including 4 live, roughly recorded bonus tracks.

Scalding Creek-  4 Electric strums over camp-fire sing along vocals. Eerie and melancholy, complete with Jim Pollard noise guitar blast.

Mobile- 2 Thin, boombox guitar with Pollard spitting some amped up nonsense over it.  Rough, angry, and most likely drunk.

Melted Pat- 4  A simple, catchy skeletal structure of a big rock song.  Fill in the blanks in your mind.  Lead guitar picking in the second verse alone is worth the listen.

Queen of Second Guessing-  1 Acoustic guitar, amp buzz accompany altered vocals wavering in and out. Floor tom roll.  I think I’ve covered the whole song.

Dusty Bushworms- 3  Rather unremarkable acoustic song.  Lonely and distant, basement background stuff.  Not terrible, but nothing to wake mom up for.

Spring Tiger- 3  Reflective, electric guitar jangle with a melancholy Pollard vocals. Similar in its pensive nature to the previous track, this is the ultimate winner of the b-side, but by the skin of

Blue Moon Fruit- 1 Unintelligible vocals, guitar, blah blah. Not much of anything all at really except for the patchwork drum plod.  Nope.


  1. I like to listen to a lot of GBV ep's on certain weekend mornings because they tend to mirror my frame of mind--hungover, still half-asleep, unfocused. This ep is one of many go-to listens for me on mornings like that.

  2. You should give Dusty Bushworms a bit more credit maybe... that’s a truly beautiful Pollard ballad. And what a great title. A strong 4 for me.