Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Jargon of Clones (2015)

Jargon of Clones 
(2015, Guided by Voices Inc.)

One of two 7'' singles released for the 2nd Ricked Wicky LP, King Heavy Metal. "Jargon of Clones" is featured on the a-side, while an unreleased Nick Mitchell composition is found on the b-side. 7''s limited to 500 copies worldwide. This one's on yellow vinyl. 

Side A:
Jargon of Clones- Same track appears on the LP King Heavy Metal. Read the review there.

Side B:
Quite Worthy- 4 Nick Mitchell penned track! Pretty breezy guitar rock reminiscent of some solo Pollard stuff from the 00's but with more of a The Who slant. Excellent harmonies by Mitchell. Pure late '60s gold on the vocal front that truly lifts this song into something that's almost worthy of me making a lousy pun. 

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