Friday, April 12, 2013

Class Clown Spots a UFO 7'' (2012)

Class Clown Spots a UFO 7''
(2012, Guided by Voices Inc.)

This was the third of the three 7'' singles released off the 2nd GBV reunion LP Class Clown Spots a UFO It contains two tracks exclusive to the b-side. Limited to 1,000 copies on clear vinyl.  Released in the UK on Fire Records.  Additional mundane info: a month prior to the official release date of this 7'', all three singles from the Class Clown Spots a UFO series were released in a limited box-set package for 2012's Record Store Day.

Class Clown Spots a UFO- Same version as track reviewed under the LP of the same name over here!

Message From the Moon-  Down-stroked Tobin Sprout pop tune with a serious spring in step. More than tinged with garage, and a sense the whole things about to fall apart.  Great little warbled hiccup of a pop tune.

Worm W/7 (Home-Fi)- 1-  Essentially the demo version of the song "Worm W/7" off CCSAU.   Not special, or even worth hearing. Song ends in Suitcase type noise and guitar plucking that none need to hear for any good reason. 

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