Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Briefcase 3: Cuddling Bozo's Octopus (2009)

Briefcase 3: Cuddling Bozo's Octopus
(2009, Fading Captain Series)

Like its predecessor Briefacse 2, Briefcase 3: Cuddling Bozo's Octopus is a "best of" roundup of the third installment of the the Suitcase series. The 21 song collection contains one exclusive, unreleased track shown below.  The LP was limited to 500 LPs on red vinyl, and reportedly sold out in a matter of hours.  

Tropical Robots [Long Version]- 3 The same version  found on the Hold On Hope EP, but you know... longer. Worth releasing? At this point, why the fuck not?  Is it worth tracking down this very hard to find rare record? Nahh. Minus 1 point from original review due to milking the product. 

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  1. Tropical Robots is so weird. Robert Pollard records songs that are mind-blisteringly unique. The longer the better. Well, no. This version was just long enough.